Tuesday, February 24, 2015


       Usually when I get home from work, I spend some time with the wife, and then finish out the night gaming. My buddy Milan works until I do so we get home about the same time and end up late night gaming a lot together. I am new to Xbox so he has a few games he plays without me. The most prominent one on that list is a game called World of Tanks. Milan has had me look up people that he has played against a lot of time, because they get into a argument and he has me verify their stats. The other night he logged on and started telling me about a game he had played. I don't fully know the mechanics, but i will try and explain what happened. He was at the end of a match and it turned into a 3v1, meaning that it was him against 3 other people. He ended up playing really well and taking out 2 of them before biting the bullet. The game ended and everyone went on their merry way. Things should have ended here but for those of you who don't game, people tend to rage when taking a butt whoopin like that. He played a couple of the voice messages this guy left for him. If I had to guess, I'd say the guy talking was in his thirties, and spouting out as many cuss words as possible while trying to all out trash Milan. This was all pretty standard until I heard him blame Milan for him dying. For some reason this really stuck in my head and it hit home with me. I kept thinking about that statement the rest of the night and then I remembered it was exactly what I had seen on facebook earlier that day. I don't really like to get on Facebook but for the most part, it is a lot of people looking for attention. I can't really say anything because I try and promote things like my blog and stream on there, but with the recent weather it seems like a lot of people have taken to social media to get their anger out.

   From time to time we all blame other people. I blame my wife a lot, jokingly, just to make her laugh. Sometimes it is easier to point the finger away, rather than at oneself. Gaming is a testament to blaming other people for ones failure. I rarely play a competitive game without hearing some form of bashing or blaming. I know that not being able to see the person you are screaming at makes a lot of people have a bigger ego, but it still sucks.  I don't know what it is, but sometimes it is easier to blame someone else. Not taking responsibility can temporarily prevent something bad, but it really starts to stack up against you. Start taking responsibility for what happens. Too many times do i see girls on Facebook talk about how they don't care what people think, they are going to date whoever they want. Maybe two or three months down the road there will be a post about how they hate whoever they have been dating. So many people like to complain about things they brought on themselves. If you have problems in your life, then fix them. Don't rely on other peoples sympathy and pity to get you through things. I work at a restaurant and when we have problems, a lot of people will want to go on a witch hunt against whoever messed up but I usually try to remedy the situation, then address the problem to the person later. Making somebody feel bad for messing up doesn't help anyone.
   When I was little they used to say that pointing at someone, left three fingers pointing back at yourself. It is funny how some of those sayings you learned when you were little really carry over well to grown up stuff. In closing, I just want anyone that reads this to spend less time blaming, and more time figuring out what the problem is. Your life will have a lot less turmoil.

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  1. Just because you're raised in the projects doesn't mean you have to live there your whole life. Just because you're raised on government cheese and powdered milk doesn't mean you can't get a job and provide for your family the way God intended for you to do. Just because you stab your father in the leg with a steak knife because he won't stop beating you, your sister, or your mother with a wooden clog when you are five years old doesn't mean that you can't become a good husband, father, or grandfather. Just because your father leaves you, your sister, your mother, and your two month old baby brother in the projects when you are five years old and you don't see or hear from him until your 25 and your grandmother passes and then you hear of him passing when your 50 doesn't mean you shouldn't cherish every second you get to spend with your wife, children, and grandchildren. Love and take care of your family. All of these are a glimpse into my past. Some might say that's terrible. Some might say what a horrible life. My mom always taught us to learn from our mistakes. I'm not saying my life is a bunch of mistakes, but I have learned a lot. I've never even thought about blaming any part of my life on anyone other than myself. Your past and how you handle things is what makes you who you are. Stop looking for a scapegoat for your problems. Take responsibility for you and your actions. Make your parents and your children proud of you. Social media for me is a way to see whats going on in my childrens and grandchildrens lives. You won't find anyone hear looking for a pity party. No ranting and raving. No cursing. No one getting blasted. And definitely NO DRAMA QUEENS.

    KUMBAYA !!!!!