Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time to Push

  I have been fortunate to have a very blessed life. Some could argue that I have been through a lot, but in my opinion that is what makes you stronger. I am currently sitting in my car at work thinking about how much more I need to be pushing towards my dreams, and I find myself running in place. Goals can be as big as you make them but you have to keep in mind that they don't always happen over night. Sometimes it sucks waiting, but the journey is part of growing.

   I have had way too many opportunities pass me by that would have taken me closer to my dreams, but I'm happy where I am at. I finally feel like I have a strong enough footing to go wherever I want in life and it feels nice. If you start to think too much about the past you will get lost in regret and self loathing. You have to be confident in yourself before you go anywhere. Whatever path you take in life, just be true to yourself, but also be real with yourself. Be in control of your own destiny, and hold the reigns while it unfolds. It's okay if opportunities pass you by, because others will present themselves. Everything happens for a reason.
   Thanksgiving just passed and it got me thinking a lot about the progress I've made lately. Anyone that reads or contributes in any way is helping me more than they know, but at the same time I don't ever want to do things JUST for views. I want to share my experiences with people, and not force them to view anything. I've decided it's time to push towards certain goals.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brand Jockeys

    If you have two bricks sitting in front of you, and you paint one red and one white, then you still have two bricks just like when you began. The color of the bricks may have changed but they are still in fact bricks. People have become too concerned with how things look or what label is stamped on top of them. Don't get me wrong, people are allowed to be creative and have their own opinions but its when you choose to judge others for their choices. I have this one friend who shall remain nameless...cough Milan cough..... who refuses to play anything other than xbox. Now I have a xbox, partially due to heavy influence from Milan, but I also have the other game systems and really place a lot of emphasis on diversity. If you don't have a open mind then your going to miss out on a lot of things, not just exclusive games. Life really isn't about judging, its about accepting things and the sooner you come to terms with that, you'll get a lot more excitement out of things.

     They taught me in school that if you point the finger at someone you have four fingers pointing back. I remember there was this kid in class that had no pinkie and always frowned when they said that. Point of the matter is that no matter how adamant you are about what YOU like, you should leave others free to make their own choices. I reccomend playing all types of games and giving yourself a true chance of enjoying all the things the gaming world has to offer. As they say haters gonna hate, but keep doing you booboo.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


    With the holiday coming up, it makes me think a lot about what I am thankful for. This post isn't really about gaming and will be aimed more at just life in general. The upcoming holiday is meant to be about being thankful. A lot of people think its about eating a lot of food or going black Friday shopping, but I think a lot of people have the wrong perspective on things. We may not always get what we want in life, but we should be thankful for the things that we DO have. You may not get the dessert that you wanted this Thanksgiving but be thankful for the fact that you have anything to eat. I think with today's society, we are encouraged to want more and more regardless of anything. I see a lot of my friends pursue unrealistic goals because they think they have to chase what makes them happy. You may end up succeeding in what your searching for but it develops a habit of always looking for something in order to be happy. You have to be happy with who you are and what you have to begin with. It's like in all these adventure movies, the main character goes on all these adventures to find the treasure and save the day, but in the end once everything is said and done, hes bored because there isn't anything left to do. Life isn't always about how flashy the adventure looks when everyone is looking, as its also important to be who you are behind closed doors.  People are so eager to look or act a certain way, yet in reality they are nothing like their pseudo counterpart. You've all seen that person on Facebook who appears one way yet acts another way. Stop wasting your time trying to be something your not and start looking at what you have, not what you want. When you stop needing things and start appreciating things, you'll be much happier. I know I'm starting to ramble here but I feel its important to be thankful. If you are not happy to begin with, money and fancy things aren't going to make you happy. They are only going to cover up the wound, but over time the unhappiness will peak back out. Give thanks to those who gave you the chance to be, and anyone who does or has done something for you. Even if you don't appreciate it., a lot of people have done groundwork so that you can have a good life. There is always someone less fortunate than you, so keep that in mind this Holiday.

    Writing is a way for me to express myself and share my views with those who read them. I am thankful for every read I get and sincerely appreciate it. Have a happy Holiday and be safe!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


    I just got done with a match in a competitive game and close to the end I got into a really close fight. I play a class that isn't very good at the moment but I enjoy playing it because I like it so I don't
play whats good at the moment. I was facing off versus a class that is really overpowered. They call it faceroll because you could roll your face across the keyboard and still win. I end up keep up with this guy and holding my own, I play it smart and don't go balls to the wall and play defensively. I get this guy to about 10% health and go for the kill only to be interupted by another guy playing the same overpowered class, and so they proceed to gangbang me until I die. I figured oh well, that was a close fight but hey no sweat. The guy threw a cheapshot but it happens. The game ends and I go about my way working on whatever and I look at the chat and the guy had spit on me. Playing like a jerk is how a lot of people choose to play and their only real purpose in the game is to troll people and try and cause trouble.  This kinda struck a nerve with me as it just showed really bad sportsmanship. I logged over to the dude's realm and sat there on the edge of getting into it with him but I calmed myself down and realized it wasn't worth it.

    There seems to be so many people these days who get mad at gaming. Yes its frustrating sometimes but its meant to be a challenge. Yes I know you can choose to not play with other people, but at the same time you shouldn't try to ruin someones  experience just because you are unhappy. Keep your calm and keep your negativity to yourself, you aren't helping anyone by acting like that. Just because I can beat the snot out of someone, doesn't give me the right to go around taunting them and bragging about it. Being selfless is a rare trait these days, and in a society where a lot of gaming is broadcasted I feel like this scares off people. There has been a lot of bad things said on my stream but you just have to take it in stride and move on. Keep on keeping on and avoid the negativity not just in gaming, but also in life.

Thursday, November 20, 2014



   Have you ever had the feeling that you simply had too much to do with not enough time to do it. Gamers feel this all the time. There are simply way too many games out there with too much time to devote. Most people work as well as have families that they devote their time to, but that usually leaves minimal time to game. Most people use gaming as time to unwind and time to get away and just relax. I like to play a lot and devote a lot of my time because its something I'd one day like to do for a living. No matter what kind of gamer you are, it simply doesn't add up sometimes especially with how many key releases are going on this time of the year. I can literally name about 5 titles I'd really love to be putting time into right now but I have to choose where my time is spent. My wife is and always will be my first priority but she is very supportive of what I do and wants me to push as much as I can. Even with how things are, gamers can often feel that they are overwhelmed, especially with new releases. It is important to remember that there isn't any reason to rush through games or feel pressured to play them in any way other than the reason you want to.

     Rushing through anything is going to get old quick and dry out any fun you have in a game. I have a buddy at work tonight that was bugging me to get the new GTA release on next gen. Now I could go buy it now, but I would be setting aside too many games that I am already playing. I think its important to always have control over what you do. Only YOU know what you want and only YOU know what is going to make you happy. I think having a good backbone in life will really help you from getting pushed around. A lot of that can help in gaming as well because gamers are very opinionated. There are many people who only play one certain console or just one certain genre of games, and I think its best to have your own opinions in this area. Just because someone else enjoys something, does not mean you will as well. Games are meant to be enjoyable and I think if you let people make your decisions for you, then you will end up being more overwhelmed.

   Just like in real life, setting goals can help ease the pain. Remember to be realistic and never sacrifice anything. If you don't hit level 100 by the end of the weekend, the game will still be there and most games are designed with catch up mechanics. Keep yours goals reasonable and also remember to take a breather in between your game play. If you end up treating games like chores, then you wont be gaming long. Take time and enjoy the little things while working towards your goals and if at any point you ask yourself why your doing it, then stop.

   You have the rest of your life to enjoy things, so don't hassle too much over being the first to do something. World first achievements can be really cool but once the serenity wears off you find yourself right back where you were. If you desire to be in that type of gaming lifestyle then by all means pursue it but know that you have to sacrifice certain things to obtain it. No matter what type of gamer you want to be, always have fun and remember why it is that you chose to game.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Game Review: Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

       In the last few years, Gearbox has become one of my favorite gaming companies for one reason: Borderlands. The elements they choose to include int heir games are so well thought out that these games end up being instant classics. When my wife bought her first PS3 we sat there in Gamestop with my buddy Brett for about an hour trying to find the best possible game for her to start with. We went back and forth between many titles, and ended up going with Little Big Planet which ended up becoming her second favorite game ever, but one game Me and Brett kept going back to was Borderlands. We knew nothing about it, but something about the art style and game box kept drawing our eyes back. To this day I have played every installment multiple times and been at midnight releases patiently awaiting a quench to my borderlands thirst. This is the third game in the series to be released and appears to be something for borderlands fans to sink their teeth into while waiting for Borderlands 3 and Battleborn. For those of you looking to buy this game, I think you should definitely check it out. There are enough new features to keep you enthralled for hours.

      At first I wasn't too thrilled about this release, because I thought it was a cop out while waiting on B3. I actually didn't research this one too much, due to the fact that at first I wasn't really interested. I was pleasantly surprised with what they added to the game play that spiced things up a little.  The first change I noticed was the addition of a new type of weapon: the laser gun. At first look I responded with a Meh! because in these games I mainly run assault/combat rifles because I like accurate yet constant damage. I played through most the game until I got about 75% of the way through the campaign. You end up getting a gun from Moxxi that is a laser gun. I am not kidding when I say I used this gun all the way to the end and carried it over to next play through. At times the guns can be a little jumpy because some of them are a continuous stream like in Ghostbusters. It isnt a gigantic game change, but it is enough to break up the monotony of shuffling through the same gun types.

    There also is a introduction of Oxygen tanks. At first I didn't even really notice this change due to who I was playing. When you get to the outside environments in Borderlands TPS, you have to have a constant supply of oxygen to survive. Now I know what you are thinking: Why does it run out so fast? That is because they also added a boost mechanic to your jumps. Me and my wife would take off running from one side of the map towards the opposite time, while talking and enjoying the game, and we would be shocked when I ended up at the objective 2 times as fast as she did. Well it turns out that we weren't paying attention when they explained the oxygen tank. When you jump and hit the same button again you will get a short boost in whatever direction your going. Now I always just spam tap jump when I'm traveling somewhere so I didn't really notice but it really started to come in handy once we tried using it skillfully. Sometimes there is that need for a little extra boost to make it to that weapon chest or even safety, and now you have that little boost you need. Of course this is all only possible if you keep your oxygen topped off which can be done through many different ways and honestly isn't too hard to keep up with since dead mobs drop oxygen as well. The last thing about oxygen is the smash. If you hold down crouch when in the air, you will slam down on the ground inflicting damage to anyone in the immediate area. Eventually you are given unique O2 kits and even a legendary one through a quest chain. These kits can sometimes have elements on them which really come in handy, especially if you get the freeze element. I think gearbox took a really cool realistic angle in making O2 work in making it necessary for human enemies to have it as well. Shoot a bandit in the face and pop his O2 tank and he will slowly chose to death. Also, fire wont be set to anyone unless they are in a oxygen bubble since we all know oxygen is a big part of fire, so I felt they really put a lot of through into this aspect. The O2 tank is different to start with, but eventually you will get used to managing it and hardly notice the downsides, although I feel if I go back to a previous game, I am really going to miss it.


      Now this is the first game to be done by 2K Australia, and within minutes of playing the game this is very evident. I loved having the new dialect and accents of everyone in the game but I found myself lost sometimes in what people were talking about. A couple of months ago, I ordered Cards Against Humanity and without paying attention, ended up with the UK version. Yeah the game is still fun, except for the fact that I don't really understand about 10% of the cards in the deck. I feel the same way about this game sometimes. I still feel it is funny and unique in its own way but just a heads up on what your going to be hearing. I found myself googling a lot of terms in order to know what the quest givers were talking about. I feel 2k Australia really knocked this one out of the park in so many ways. They really made enough changes to keep the game fresh but at the same times making it feel like a classic Borderlands game. After 30 minutes of playing I found myself asking: Why did we kill Jack? He isn't that bad at all! Well, as you go through the game, you start to see him unravel and crack at the seams. They made the story interesting enough and left the game wide open for Borderlands 3.

        Like in most games in the series, you will find yourself looking for the rare legendary weapons. This game introduced a new element to the game in that respect: The Grinder. You take 3 weapons and you toss them into the grinder with hopes of creating a legendary or simply a gun better than what you put in. You have the option to put in Moonstones as well, which is the eridium equivalent in this game, and increase your chances. I quickly found that if you put 2 legendaries in with a purple of whatever gun you like, a legendary of that gun type would pop out. This was a great way of farming weapons because in this installment, legendary drops aren't similar to other games. Some legendaries are drops from certain mobs but most of them are farmed from either vending machines or the raid boss. The grinder is nice because it gives you more options with legendaries. I feel that the grinder, paired with drop locations like the previous game would have made this game much better. Maybe I'm just spoiled in knowing certain mobs drop certain items.

    One of the new elements in the game is the freeze element. In most games, I feel there is a must have element. Freeze replaces slag but it isn't a must have like slag was. this is the first game where I feel the elements are pretty equal. Sometimes one element is going to be better but in most situations it doesn't really matter. I like it when there aren't cookie cutter specs in games and players are gives real freedom over how they play. With elements, this game is really on the mark. Freeze is by far my favorite element in the series so far. I played Willhelm and was specced into the improved melee ability, so I ended up being able to freeze a badass mob and kill them in one punch. Freezing can be using for damage or just pure crowd control and is a must have on your O2 kit. Slamming 10 mobs around you and watching them all turn into ice cubes really is a beautiful thing to see.

   The characters in this game are really interesting and have some familiar elements to them but with a lot of new options as well. Probably the most appealing choice in the bunch is Clap. Fans have been waiting for years to be able to pilot the most iconic character in the series. When me and my wife first started the game, I picked Clap and spent time customizing how me looked. Take note that there is a timer in this part because funnily enough, before you make your selection there are several warning messages trying to talk you out of choosing him. Although I think he is more of a team player rather than a solo player, I still feel like most of this part was just a joke to get you laughing as you start this awesome game. My wife went with Athena, and prior to this game she had always played Sirens. She took a while to get used to Athena's shield because you have to charge it and aim and throw it but soon she got a hold of it and was killing things before I could even get to them. She also found solitude in the fact that you can throw it and revive friends on the fly which is a nice reminder of phaselock ressing in the previous game. My sister chose to play Nisha and for the first week told me how powerful she was. It wasn't until I actually played her that I really got to see what she was talking about. Nisha is the powerhouse of this game, and it very reminiscent of Salavador. If your looking for a dual wielding guns blazing class then she is your match.  Lastly Willhelm, which is the class that I picked for my "Main." Willhelm is the pet class and kinda reminiscent of Axton/Roland. He has a tree that actually alters how the character looks and starts to turn him into a robot. This is the tree I went with and all around he is a really strong choice for a character. All characters are fun and I am very eager to see what they add in the future.

In closing, I think this game is a very good option for returning veterans as well as new players. They added a lot of new things to the game and even though at times it may feel like a rehash, there is more to it than that. The new creatures, weapons, zones, vehicle, and bosses all are really refreshing. There is some really cool story elements at play and a lot of answered questions. I think the game will be popular for a long time to come because there is a lot of re playability to it. My advice is take it slow, there will be plenty of time to see everything and do everything. Burning yourself out i'snt going to lead to a fun experience.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Healthy Gaming


   Gaming isn't something that leads to unhealthy habits, but it's definately something that can influence them if done the wrong way. Up until recently, there hasn't been a whole lot of influence for gamers to do anything other than game. I think the Wii was the first big step in that area that hit home with people, and yes a lot of people argue that they sit down playing interactive games, but even if one person actively plays it then they hit their mark in designing it. You are never going to be able to apply a fix to society that makes anyone and everyone do a specific act. Too many people are hellbent on acting on their "rights" and making sure their voice is heard. Yes you have a voice and it matters, but it doesn't mean you have to express your opinions all day every day. On a side note, Facebook is become such a interesting site since it's inception. When I joined facebook in 2005, you needed a college email to even make a account. I kinda wish they had stuck to this. People spend way too much time trying to make themselves look like something they aren't. I really got off track here so I apologize and I'll try and get to my point.

   Today, there is a lot more incentive to get in better shape. I've watched a lot of famous streamers and you tubers go through physical changes and actually roll that into more sponsorships. I think this is really cool, but at the same time I hate that it makes some people ashamed of having people view them. I'm a big boy and I'll admit I used to be very shy about showing my face on camera. I used to barely even voice chat because I was so shy. Regardless of how you look, I think there are habits you should form when trying to be a healthy gamer. Like all things in life, if you enjoy it you'll want to do it more. Enable yourself to continue doing it by staying healthy and making good uses of your time.

   Eating can be a big problem because you are usually so involved in your game that you end up eating while playing. Anyone that has picked Doritos cheese out of their controller can relate to this, and it's gross and unnecessary. We live in a world where physical interaction is so limited but I advise you to take time not eat and have a conversation with someone, and talk about something other than games. Sodas can be bad as we'll. you go for a dew and before you know it the whole 12 pack is empty. Sodas aren't going to help you in any way other than caffeine, and even then it's a bad way to keep your body awake. Try and mix it up and drink a water in between or something that won't dehydrate you and keep you in and out of the bathroom every hour.

   In a lot of games we play there are loading screens. If your like me, you've probably memorized them all because you see them so often. You should try and do something active during that time, and I don't mean google game info. Do some push-ups, doing some exercise, or even clean up the house a little just to keep yourself active in the downtime.

      Third and finally I'd suggest getting actual rest and sleep. I know we all love gaming marathons but regardless your body needs it's rest. Even if you can go long periods without resting, it doesn't mean it's a good thing. Also, if your married like me, your wife or husband would much rather you go to bed with them instead of hearing you try and beat a boss while they go to sleep alone. And trust me, I'm speaking from experience on this one.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What makes a good game?

   What makes a good game? There isn't really an answer to that question because the answer is different no matter who you ask. How many times have you heard people blast a movie and point out all the flaws, but then you end up loving it? Honestly this happens to me a lot. I think it's funny that you can watch a movie twice and hate it the first time, but love it the second time. I think influence is one of the key factors in deciding what you like. No matter how many times your psycho girlfriend tries to convince you, you won't like anything unless you yourself ACTUALLY does. In a world where so much is done because of peer pressure, be yourself and have your own voice. Games are fun for different reasons, but you can't really narrow it down to one thing. Do you like paying for in game sex and then running over said hooker to get your money back? Then GTA is the game for you! I think gamers often look in for what they want in the wrong areas. Do some homework before you blow 60 bucks on game, and you'll have a much better idea of what your getting into, and remember than games are meant to be fun.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Take a Break

           Want a hot tip on how to be a better gamer? Don't play games ALL the time. every once in a while you need to put down the controller and go outside. I have been recovering from surgery for the past couple of weeks and at first I though I would have time to catch up on games but it ended up not being like that. I had plenty of time to game, but I simply didn't want to. Conveniently Borderlands TPS came out right as I had surgery so I ended up playing it WAYYY to much and burning myself out. I found myself spending more time watching movies, writing, and just altogether resting like i should have been. I didn't really realize until I was attempting a raid boss and my wife came and sat by me and said "You know, you might be stressing yourself out doing this." After that I took a break, and really gave myself time to rest. Funny thing was, the next time i attempted the fight i aced it due to taking a break but that's beside the point. Like anything in life, it has to be taken in doses. Sometimes we do this release streams or all night game-a-thons and go to the store and buy all this junk food. Within a hour I don't feel good, 30% of the food we got is devoured, and my controller smells like cheetos. Its like just because there's extra goodies, you always want to take advantage, but if you paced yourself you'd be able to enjoy it longer. Games can be like that too. I think we rush too much out of excitement. Take your time and enjoy things. WOD just released and I was one of the few on my server to get ahead, and I could of got ahead and maybe been one of the first lvl 100s on the server, but what then? would I feel special? would I get a cookie? The answer is NO! All I would have done is had a horrible day at work the next day due to not sleeping, and would have rushed something that game developers meant to be enjoyed slowly.
            Believe me, I love games, but there has to be time spent elsewhere. Take your downtime and enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


             What makes a good gamer? What separates a good gamer from a great gamer? Does it even really matter? In my opinion, the answer to the question is "Why do you Game?" If you are trying to progress to MLG, then yes it matter if you know what you are doing. I believe in pushing for goals, even if they seem impossible. For a long time, I've been known as a great gamer. I have played in tournaments, ranked high on certain ladders, and been a force to reckon with in many games. But something changed one day. One day I found myself playing more defensive than aggressive which at the time was not normal for me. I found myself being more of a objective based player rather than someone going for the most head shots. I honestly cannot tell you what it was, but it took me a while to realize. In today's competitive gaming, you cant really exist without a ego. There are a few people who aren't over the top, but the norm with skilled gamers is to be in some form or fashion, an elitest. One of my dreams is to game for a living but I honestly struggle with the ego part of it, and that is why I think things changed.

             I guess you can say that in a way I grew up. I focused more on protecting people in games and making sure people had time to actually enjoy it instead of being spawn camped. I wasn't ever really a trash talker, but I was confident. I found myself wondering why I couldn't perform the same and it ended up turning me off to certain types of games. I think this was a good thing because it ended up making me focus less on being good at games, and made me focus more on the actual game itself. In the end, games are made to be entertaining. If at any point you aren't being entertained then you have to evaluate what you are doing. Sometimes being patient enough to think about things helps you more than you think. Patience, in my opinion, is one of the things that not only helps you in life, but also helps you be a better gamer. I read a interview somewhere that said that no one will ever be at the top of their game unless they are arrogant, because knowing you cant get beat actually makes you unbeatable. Now I've always been one to play against the odds but this comment really irritated me. When you pick up a fresh game and start playing, there are going to be people that understand game play faster and slower than you, but that doesn't give you rights to entitle yourself to anything.

          I think a lot of gamers are simply scared out of gaming too soon because they feel too steep of a curve to learn. There is a lot of willing people to help but you sometimes really have to dig to find them. Last Thanksgiving, I was talking to my aunt and realized that she was a gamer. She told me about how she helped out new gamers into zombies. Zombies takes a game that felt like beating your head against the same wall repeatedly, and putting a new fun spin on it. It was so refreshing to hear what my aunt did, and it really served to revitalize some passion to play that type of shooting game. She inspired me to keep playing and keep trying to progress, no matter how many people tried to shove me back down.

        In the picture up top there is a conversation with my friend Brett that I had last night. He really inspired me to write this post today because  I think what he said in the picture is a key note in being a good gamer. I think it is way better to be a great gamer than the best gamer. If there is room to learn, then you will always get better and still be intrigued. Set goals for yourself, that aren't too ridiculous. and make sure you always try to hit them. Most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself. If the game ever stops being fun, then take a break and step away. This will make you play longer and not get so burnt out on everything. Just remember that progress is the key, and be patient to see change. Just like in real life, doing the same thing over and over everyday will quickly get boring.

        This may not appeal to every single gamer, but I feel like it might hit home with some struggling gamers. When my wife logs on Borderlands, she wants to kill midgets and get loot. She doesn't care about how good she is and who knows it. She simply plays because its fun. I think, whether hardcore or casual, you need to always enjoy what your doing. Keep a positive attitude and make sure you keep striving for progress if that's what you desire, but don't forget to have fun. Always be your own kind of gamer, and play for whatever it is YOU want to play for.

Special thanks to Lisa and Brett for the inspiration.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


                   Grinding is something that happens in a lot of different games, but also in life. Grinding is repeatedly doing something in hopes of gaining a small advantage. In some games it is similar to gambling or playing the lottery. Whether it is grinding Handsome Jack for the Conference Call in Borderlands or Decoding rare engrams in Destiny in hopes of getting a exotic, grinding can get boring. I have spent a lot of time grinding on games due to the fact that I'm usually the one with the most gaming time so i get stuck doing the dirty work. I don't mind doing it because it gets results and its nice to see the reward. Another reason i don't like grinding is because sometimes it helps out the community. When a new Borderlands game comes out and people don't know where certain things drop its nice to contribute to the community in hopes of helping other gamers out.

                 After playing destiny for weeks, i ended up at a cave where you could rubber band your controller and still farm as efficient as anyone else. I like playing the game, not letting a rubber band do my work for me. I think it lowers your opinion of a game when it becomes so easy to get results, and also builds a standard of getting what you want without working for it. I personally don't mind being the one that does the grinding because it helps people around me enjoy the game more.  As soon as I cap in Borderlands I am expected to farm my wife a Hellfire. My wife isn't the biggest gamer in the world, but she does try. At first, that was due to the fact that I did it and she wanted to share things with me but over time she developed a genuine interest in games. I have woken up to her thumbing through Gearbox information in hopes of finding a kernel of news about a new game release.

                No matter what type of game you play, there will always be some form of grinding. One of the first games I played was Super Mario Brothers and I remember being surprised by the fact that my dad always had 99 lives. I remember thinking that he would never died, but at one point I watched him sink all 99 into one level. Grinding sometimes makes games fun, and sometimes makes you pull your hair out, but it usually has some form of reward. One of the things i love about games is that grinding isn't necessary unless your really trying to min/max. Once you start looking at a mob that the designers put hours into designing and instead look at it as a .03% chance to drop a weapon you want, you will start losing interest.

              Grinding often leads to another thing that I think plagues the gaming scene: Cheating. A lot of people would rather cheat than put in the hard work for most things in games. I have used a cheat code or two in my days because it is fun to walk around in GTA with unlimited ammo and trying to see how much carnage you can cause. I usually ask people when I see them cheating, and their response usually is that they don't have enough time. My brother is a great example of this. He is a really good gamer, but with how big his family is, he doesn't really have enough time to sit down and play as much anymore. My main problem with cheating, is when there is a ego to go along with it. People bragging about a weapon that they had someone dupe still baffles me to this day. Respect the people that put the time into getting results.

            All in all, grinding in games, has taught me to not give up so easily on certain things in life. It taught me that you don't always immediately see the results you want and sometimes can lead to nothing, but there's still that glimmer of hope. Getting things with ease sometimes doesn't feel as rewarding because it doesn't feel like you earned it. One could say i grinded through a lot of girlfriends before I found my wife, and I can tell you with honesty, it was worth it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Releases

               Games are entertaining enough on their own, but once you develop such a deep interest in a series the anticipation of any new title comes with great excitement. There are a lot of different types of gamers who each like their own flavor of koolaid, but we can all agree that waiting on a new release is fun. At the moment I am playing World of Warcraft and leveling up some alts in anticipation of the new expansion release this Thursday. I always end up trying to get "everything" done before a new game or expansion. I make mental and physical checklists in hopes that I "complete" the prior installments and am truly ready for the new game. I usually end up boring myself out and realizing that there inst anything wrong with coming back to a game to re-explore it or finish off any leftover tasks. If your hoping to start streaming, I would suggest doing it on a release day of a game you enjoy. People are much more entertaining to watch when they enjoy what they are doing. I really enjoy having the day off when a new title releases because it gives you time to really appreciate all the time and work they put into it.

              The night before release has quickly become the night before Christmas for me. You can only read so many reviews and watch so many videos before you actually have to get out there and get your hands on it. I think one of the coolest things about gaming is the fact that they could re skin and release a old game like Final Fantasy 7 and people would still be waiting in line to get it. Something about games just hit home with a lot of people and create elements we can relate to. I hold games equivalent to books and movies because the amount of time and effort into the story as well as character and world design. Games have come a long way, but they still entertain me today as much as they did when I was 5. I love that stores do midnight releases because it not only brings awareness to the community but also gives people an opportunity to meet people with the same interests.

            All in all, video games are great, but the hype that gaming companies build has really made the experience even better. Since writing this, I have realized that there is a Borderlands TPS dlc being released tonight and it brings up a important point. There simply isn't enough time to stay completely updated with every game and every genre, which is why i think some gamers get put off and feel behind. Some players go for world first kills and some go for the best K/D ratio in the game, but you cant forget that there are people who just play the game to take it slow and enjoy things on their own. Regardless of what attracts you to games, be your own kind of gamer and play on your own terms. Just because a game is FOTM doesn't mean you are going to love it.

Current hype list:
1. Warlords of Draenor
2. Borderlands TPS DLC
3. Little Big Planet 3
4. GTA V for PS4