Wednesday, January 21, 2015


    One of my fondest memories in kindergarten was crayons. This was mainly due to the fact that when you ate them, they changed your poop different colors. This allowed me to extend my coloring sessions to my journeys at home as well as at school. Most of my day was made up of coloring, coloring, napping, and then usually some more coloring. The bad part was when this lead into the next couple of school years. when the work load was increasing, and coloring needed to take a hit, I just kept coloring. I remember in third grade I had a meeting with my parents to discuss the fact that I was doing more coloring than school work. Long story short, I told them I would, but I didn't. Add a couple more years and I slowly started replacing coloring with drawing and sketching. Coloring took a backseat to drawing at this point. Coloring pencils and markers were thrown into the mix and crayons became a thing of the past. It wasn't until later in life, that I truly discovered a beautiful message in those tiny wax pooped color changing sticks.

   At this point your probably wondering why I am rambling so much, but it just started flowing when I started typing. I started thinking about how different things are now versus then. We still don't have hover-boards, and even though we are making cool strides in technology, there is one thing that has gotten a bit out of control: Hate. I went to a private christian school, and my parents were divorced so they made me see a guidance counselor. I never really thought much of it, until a friend of mine, who's mother was a teacher at the school, got some bad news. His mom and dad had decided to get a divorce, and because of that she was removed as a teacher from the school. This one of the first moments I was really confused about how people were judged. I guess in a way, I related to it because I had been through divorce. I have always been a christian, but been very hesitant on putting labels on how I live. I love God, and live for him. I feel that when you start looking at how many instruments are in your church band, your doing it wrong. Doing the right things in life is simple. The only reason it ever really gets hard is because we don't want to, and start making excuses. I have always been accepting. I get that stuff happens in life, and people are made differently. I think it's asinine to think any other way. Maybe Hate was always this bad, I just didn't realize it, but it seems to be getting worse.

   I think back to coloring. I think back to worrying about nothing other than coloring within the lines, or else alligator would eat me. I think back about bad things that have happened to me, people I love, and how it has changed my life. But regardless of what happens, what people say, and what people decide to do, I can't understand hatred. It makes me think about a box of fresh crayons. You have all these beautiful colors. You can mix as many colors as you want, and make even cooler colors. There are big crayons, small crayons, wide crayons, and even thin crayons. We all have our favorite colors, and we all have that color that we never use, but even then we didn't waste our breath complaining about WHY we didn't use it and WHY we didn't like it. They are all made the same, and special in their own ways. Crayons can break or crumble, but they can be resharpened. They only live to try and enhance something else before their gone. Once you lose that first crayon, the box never really sits right. They all slide over and fall down, and you lose that complete feeling. Crayons are a lot like the people of this world. They come in different, shapes, colors, and sizes, but they are all unique in their own way.

   We are all made to be different, and more power to you if you embrace that. If you don't like someone or don't agree with how they live their life, then hey that's cool. You are entitled to your opinion, but it's how you use that opinion that matters. With all that is going on in the world right now, everyone is buffed up on american pride, freedom of speech, and all things MURICA, but I think we lose a lot of heart in shooting off at the mouth about something different. A lot of those impulse things we say are said out of speaking before thinking. Spend more time trying to better the world, and less time trying to stoke the fire. If Liam Neeson says there are too many guns in the world, then you know what that means? It means that Liam Neeson said there are too many guns in the world. If I try and take your guns away, you'll complain about keeping them. If i shot to death, you will be protesting against guns. Break the cycle and just steer the other way. Don't let things snowball. Next time you want to post about feeding the hungry, before you hit post, get off the computer and get out there and feed the hungry. Doing something good, doesn't need glory. The feeling you get in return will outweigh all those Facebook comments and likes you would have gotten anyway.

   Hatred doesn't fear trolls, it feeds off them.

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