Monday, January 19, 2015


   Sometimes it's the simple things in life that really leave an impact. sometimes a word or simply a look you give someone can convey such emotion. I have played all kinds of games, from 8 bit to 4k resolution games and to this day some of my favorite games are older ones. I recently started playing Minecraft, and was floored with how much i loved it by the time i completed it. On the surface it looks like a bunch of blocks and bad graphics but there is a reason so many people play it. Minecraft is one of the best games I have ever seen that offers a canvas to express your creativity. I have always been a artist but never have I come across a game that gives you so much creative freedom. The way this game played out, was how I really hope RPG maker turned out. In my opinion, if you combined the two games you would have a awesome creation. Back to the point I was making, the older i get the more i realize how simple the beautiful things in life can be. A game like this really put things in perspective to me and allowed me to get a better grasp on everything the game could offer.

   With all the bitching people do about movies, games, or even books, they tend to miss out on a lot because they are too busy running their mouths. I know it seems kind of hypocritical, coming from someone who is blabbering on about stuff, but bare with me. Take time to look at the small things in life. You will find a lot more in the things that make up your day. If you find something you don't like, get over it, and enjoy the work people put into what they do. Imagine how you would feel if you spent a year building something and the first person that saw it said it was ugly. I work at a restaurant and I hear a lot of people try to belittle my employees. Take a breath and enjoy all the world has to offer. Whether it's Gaming, Reading, or Underwater Basket weaving, smile at the little things.

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