Tuesday, January 6, 2015



 Hacking is pretty visible in today's gaming world, and it seems that it is really gaining a lot of steam in a lot of the games I play. I am currently playing diablo 3 and there is a lot of different ways you can hack in the game, but the most prominent seems to be hacking weapons. When you do this hack, you end up with characters that look like they are having seizures because they are attacking so fast. I have never done this so i cant really speak from experience, but it does take a lot of the challenge out of the game. The game is meant to have a lot of expanding difficulty and allow for people to climb the ladders and keep challenging themselves. I played this game on console release day and when I hit max level there were already people doing it.
    I was researching the hacking yesterday and came across a debate about the subject. I guess what it involves is either manipulating game saves or downloading new game saves and adding them to your console. After a while, the posters got off topic and began talking about is it right or wrong. I say play games for whatever reason you want, but don't bash hacking, and then use hacking. A lot of people will abuse things like hacks and cheats to get a advantage over everyone they play with. It is hard to find a game that doesn't have these items in it, so some multiplayer communities do take a hit. Yes it seems like it can be fun, but it isn't for everyone.

   I think the important thing with hacking and gaming, is that you don't tell anyone how to play anything. In today's society, everyone is more focused on voicing their opinion rather than living said opinion. I know this sounds hypocritical coming from a writer, but there is merit in what I am trying to say here. Don't knock it until you try it. If someone in your party hacks and you don't like it? Leave the party and don't run with them. Talk is cheap

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