Friday, November 14, 2014

Take a Break

           Want a hot tip on how to be a better gamer? Don't play games ALL the time. every once in a while you need to put down the controller and go outside. I have been recovering from surgery for the past couple of weeks and at first I though I would have time to catch up on games but it ended up not being like that. I had plenty of time to game, but I simply didn't want to. Conveniently Borderlands TPS came out right as I had surgery so I ended up playing it WAYYY to much and burning myself out. I found myself spending more time watching movies, writing, and just altogether resting like i should have been. I didn't really realize until I was attempting a raid boss and my wife came and sat by me and said "You know, you might be stressing yourself out doing this." After that I took a break, and really gave myself time to rest. Funny thing was, the next time i attempted the fight i aced it due to taking a break but that's beside the point. Like anything in life, it has to be taken in doses. Sometimes we do this release streams or all night game-a-thons and go to the store and buy all this junk food. Within a hour I don't feel good, 30% of the food we got is devoured, and my controller smells like cheetos. Its like just because there's extra goodies, you always want to take advantage, but if you paced yourself you'd be able to enjoy it longer. Games can be like that too. I think we rush too much out of excitement. Take your time and enjoy things. WOD just released and I was one of the few on my server to get ahead, and I could of got ahead and maybe been one of the first lvl 100s on the server, but what then? would I feel special? would I get a cookie? The answer is NO! All I would have done is had a horrible day at work the next day due to not sleeping, and would have rushed something that game developers meant to be enjoyed slowly.
            Believe me, I love games, but there has to be time spent elsewhere. Take your downtime and enjoy it.

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  1. I'll read this as soon as I finish this boss fight.....brb...