Sunday, November 23, 2014


    With the holiday coming up, it makes me think a lot about what I am thankful for. This post isn't really about gaming and will be aimed more at just life in general. The upcoming holiday is meant to be about being thankful. A lot of people think its about eating a lot of food or going black Friday shopping, but I think a lot of people have the wrong perspective on things. We may not always get what we want in life, but we should be thankful for the things that we DO have. You may not get the dessert that you wanted this Thanksgiving but be thankful for the fact that you have anything to eat. I think with today's society, we are encouraged to want more and more regardless of anything. I see a lot of my friends pursue unrealistic goals because they think they have to chase what makes them happy. You may end up succeeding in what your searching for but it develops a habit of always looking for something in order to be happy. You have to be happy with who you are and what you have to begin with. It's like in all these adventure movies, the main character goes on all these adventures to find the treasure and save the day, but in the end once everything is said and done, hes bored because there isn't anything left to do. Life isn't always about how flashy the adventure looks when everyone is looking, as its also important to be who you are behind closed doors.  People are so eager to look or act a certain way, yet in reality they are nothing like their pseudo counterpart. You've all seen that person on Facebook who appears one way yet acts another way. Stop wasting your time trying to be something your not and start looking at what you have, not what you want. When you stop needing things and start appreciating things, you'll be much happier. I know I'm starting to ramble here but I feel its important to be thankful. If you are not happy to begin with, money and fancy things aren't going to make you happy. They are only going to cover up the wound, but over time the unhappiness will peak back out. Give thanks to those who gave you the chance to be, and anyone who does or has done something for you. Even if you don't appreciate it., a lot of people have done groundwork so that you can have a good life. There is always someone less fortunate than you, so keep that in mind this Holiday.

    Writing is a way for me to express myself and share my views with those who read them. I am thankful for every read I get and sincerely appreciate it. Have a happy Holiday and be safe!

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