Monday, November 10, 2014

New Releases

               Games are entertaining enough on their own, but once you develop such a deep interest in a series the anticipation of any new title comes with great excitement. There are a lot of different types of gamers who each like their own flavor of koolaid, but we can all agree that waiting on a new release is fun. At the moment I am playing World of Warcraft and leveling up some alts in anticipation of the new expansion release this Thursday. I always end up trying to get "everything" done before a new game or expansion. I make mental and physical checklists in hopes that I "complete" the prior installments and am truly ready for the new game. I usually end up boring myself out and realizing that there inst anything wrong with coming back to a game to re-explore it or finish off any leftover tasks. If your hoping to start streaming, I would suggest doing it on a release day of a game you enjoy. People are much more entertaining to watch when they enjoy what they are doing. I really enjoy having the day off when a new title releases because it gives you time to really appreciate all the time and work they put into it.

              The night before release has quickly become the night before Christmas for me. You can only read so many reviews and watch so many videos before you actually have to get out there and get your hands on it. I think one of the coolest things about gaming is the fact that they could re skin and release a old game like Final Fantasy 7 and people would still be waiting in line to get it. Something about games just hit home with a lot of people and create elements we can relate to. I hold games equivalent to books and movies because the amount of time and effort into the story as well as character and world design. Games have come a long way, but they still entertain me today as much as they did when I was 5. I love that stores do midnight releases because it not only brings awareness to the community but also gives people an opportunity to meet people with the same interests.

            All in all, video games are great, but the hype that gaming companies build has really made the experience even better. Since writing this, I have realized that there is a Borderlands TPS dlc being released tonight and it brings up a important point. There simply isn't enough time to stay completely updated with every game and every genre, which is why i think some gamers get put off and feel behind. Some players go for world first kills and some go for the best K/D ratio in the game, but you cant forget that there are people who just play the game to take it slow and enjoy things on their own. Regardless of what attracts you to games, be your own kind of gamer and play on your own terms. Just because a game is FOTM doesn't mean you are going to love it.

Current hype list:
1. Warlords of Draenor
2. Borderlands TPS DLC
3. Little Big Planet 3
4. GTA V for PS4



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