Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Brand Jockeys

    If you have two bricks sitting in front of you, and you paint one red and one white, then you still have two bricks just like when you began. The color of the bricks may have changed but they are still in fact bricks. People have become too concerned with how things look or what label is stamped on top of them. Don't get me wrong, people are allowed to be creative and have their own opinions but its when you choose to judge others for their choices. I have this one friend who shall remain nameless...cough Milan cough..... who refuses to play anything other than xbox. Now I have a xbox, partially due to heavy influence from Milan, but I also have the other game systems and really place a lot of emphasis on diversity. If you don't have a open mind then your going to miss out on a lot of things, not just exclusive games. Life really isn't about judging, its about accepting things and the sooner you come to terms with that, you'll get a lot more excitement out of things.

     They taught me in school that if you point the finger at someone you have four fingers pointing back. I remember there was this kid in class that had no pinkie and always frowned when they said that. Point of the matter is that no matter how adamant you are about what YOU like, you should leave others free to make their own choices. I reccomend playing all types of games and giving yourself a true chance of enjoying all the things the gaming world has to offer. As they say haters gonna hate, but keep doing you booboo.

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