Thursday, November 20, 2014



   Have you ever had the feeling that you simply had too much to do with not enough time to do it. Gamers feel this all the time. There are simply way too many games out there with too much time to devote. Most people work as well as have families that they devote their time to, but that usually leaves minimal time to game. Most people use gaming as time to unwind and time to get away and just relax. I like to play a lot and devote a lot of my time because its something I'd one day like to do for a living. No matter what kind of gamer you are, it simply doesn't add up sometimes especially with how many key releases are going on this time of the year. I can literally name about 5 titles I'd really love to be putting time into right now but I have to choose where my time is spent. My wife is and always will be my first priority but she is very supportive of what I do and wants me to push as much as I can. Even with how things are, gamers can often feel that they are overwhelmed, especially with new releases. It is important to remember that there isn't any reason to rush through games or feel pressured to play them in any way other than the reason you want to.

     Rushing through anything is going to get old quick and dry out any fun you have in a game. I have a buddy at work tonight that was bugging me to get the new GTA release on next gen. Now I could go buy it now, but I would be setting aside too many games that I am already playing. I think its important to always have control over what you do. Only YOU know what you want and only YOU know what is going to make you happy. I think having a good backbone in life will really help you from getting pushed around. A lot of that can help in gaming as well because gamers are very opinionated. There are many people who only play one certain console or just one certain genre of games, and I think its best to have your own opinions in this area. Just because someone else enjoys something, does not mean you will as well. Games are meant to be enjoyable and I think if you let people make your decisions for you, then you will end up being more overwhelmed.

   Just like in real life, setting goals can help ease the pain. Remember to be realistic and never sacrifice anything. If you don't hit level 100 by the end of the weekend, the game will still be there and most games are designed with catch up mechanics. Keep yours goals reasonable and also remember to take a breather in between your game play. If you end up treating games like chores, then you wont be gaming long. Take time and enjoy the little things while working towards your goals and if at any point you ask yourself why your doing it, then stop.

   You have the rest of your life to enjoy things, so don't hassle too much over being the first to do something. World first achievements can be really cool but once the serenity wears off you find yourself right back where you were. If you desire to be in that type of gaming lifestyle then by all means pursue it but know that you have to sacrifice certain things to obtain it. No matter what type of gamer you want to be, always have fun and remember why it is that you chose to game.

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