Saturday, November 22, 2014


    I just got done with a match in a competitive game and close to the end I got into a really close fight. I play a class that isn't very good at the moment but I enjoy playing it because I like it so I don't
play whats good at the moment. I was facing off versus a class that is really overpowered. They call it faceroll because you could roll your face across the keyboard and still win. I end up keep up with this guy and holding my own, I play it smart and don't go balls to the wall and play defensively. I get this guy to about 10% health and go for the kill only to be interupted by another guy playing the same overpowered class, and so they proceed to gangbang me until I die. I figured oh well, that was a close fight but hey no sweat. The guy threw a cheapshot but it happens. The game ends and I go about my way working on whatever and I look at the chat and the guy had spit on me. Playing like a jerk is how a lot of people choose to play and their only real purpose in the game is to troll people and try and cause trouble.  This kinda struck a nerve with me as it just showed really bad sportsmanship. I logged over to the dude's realm and sat there on the edge of getting into it with him but I calmed myself down and realized it wasn't worth it.

    There seems to be so many people these days who get mad at gaming. Yes its frustrating sometimes but its meant to be a challenge. Yes I know you can choose to not play with other people, but at the same time you shouldn't try to ruin someones  experience just because you are unhappy. Keep your calm and keep your negativity to yourself, you aren't helping anyone by acting like that. Just because I can beat the snot out of someone, doesn't give me the right to go around taunting them and bragging about it. Being selfless is a rare trait these days, and in a society where a lot of gaming is broadcasted I feel like this scares off people. There has been a lot of bad things said on my stream but you just have to take it in stride and move on. Keep on keeping on and avoid the negativity not just in gaming, but also in life.

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